MCO Visa Card Review

Benefits at a glance:

  • 2% Instant Cashback (Up to 5% Cashback depending on Card Tier)
  • No Annual Fees
  • No Fees for Buy Cryptocurrency to convert to fiat currency
  • No Fees to withdraw money from ATM (Monthly Limit Applies depending on Card Tier)
  • No Foreign Exchange Fee (Upon Purchase)
  • Spotify / Netflix Reimbursement

Other Misc Benefits

  • Access to Crypto Earn (Like a bank account but with Higher Interest Rates)
  • CRO Airdrops (Basically Free Money Given after being locked for 12 months)

Ways to Fund MCO Visa Card

  1. Set up Transferwise / InstaRem / DBS Remit Account
  2. Login to app and set up EUR Account
  3. Use the account set up above to fund the EUR account using the information given on the app
  • DBS Remit is a 1-Step process compared to the others
  • DBS Remit does not charge any fees but contain a wider spread (worse exchange rates)

Good to Knows

  • 12 Months Inactive Fee
  • Funding through credit card is not advised
  • Money takes about 1-2 business days to reach wallet
  • Does not have 3DSecure features (cannot work with website that require SMS Authorization)
  • Use Referral Code (KJSG96SG2Z) to get free $20 USD
  • KYC Verification can be abit buggy, either just reinstall the app or restart the app if error
  • Staking MCOs are required to obtain certain cards which have better Benefits
  • Staking MCOs is akin to locking your money for a period of 6 months which you can later withdraw but will lose the extra card benefits should you at any point of time stop staking MCOs
  • MCO Visa Credit Card is a prepaid credit card.

Detailed Walkthrough of using MCO Visa Card

If the above benefits have convinced you to get the card. Great!

  1. Download the app ( from either the Google PlayStore or Appstore
  2. Get through the Know Your Customers(KYC) Verification
  3. Create a Transferwise Account (Skip if using DBS Remit)
  4. Click on Deposit, Set Up Account and click EUR (EAA Banks)
  5. When sending account using your preferred Payment Processing Company, make sure you fill in the required details as follows in the application
  6. Once your wallet has received your EUR Funds, you can proceed to buy 50 MCOs (Depending on the card tier of your choice) and lock it.
  7. You can now apply for a MCO Visa Credit Card
  8. After receiving your MCO Visa Credit Card, you can top up your credit card by purchasing MCOs and proceeding to click on the card section and selecting Buy SGDs with MCOs.

That it!, You’re now part of the Crypto Economy