Losing weight can be painfu and may seem impossible for some others. Even something as simple as counting calories can be exhausting. Been there, done that, backfired and ruined. I proceeded to explore betters ways to lose weight, below includes some of the measures that I have chanced upon that helps you to lose weight without losing your life and sense of self.

Losing weight does not mean that it is about going on a diet that causes you immense emotional pain. To help increase your metabolism, you can use 2 types of method, either by drinking honey cinnamon water or a ginger lemon tea.

Preparations include

  • 1 tsp of Honey
  • 1 tsp of Ceylon Cinnamon
  • 250ml of Hot Water

Stir well, allow it to rest for 10 minutes and proceed to drink in the morning just after you wake up. + Ginger Lemon Tea

Preparations include

  • Simmer Ginger with Water for 30 minutes
  • Add Lemon Slices Stir well, simmer for 20 minutes and proceed to drink after You can read more about the benefits of honey, the differences between Cassia & Ceylon Cinnamon by clicking on the keywords.

All these will aid you in increasing your metabolism to allow fats to be burn faster and easier. To further increase your weight loss process and helping to keep your body in a better condition, proceed to lift weights/ perform resistance training up to 3 times/ week. Training should only can be done as between 15-45 minutes. Refer to Darebee for training programmes in which you can follow especially the workout cards.


  • Use raw organic honey with no sugars.
  • For every 1 cup of water : (1 Tbsp of Honey, 12 Tbsp of Ceylon Cinnamon)
  • Keep carbohydrates and sugar intake to a minimum level. Note: Minimum not None