Death is a mystery. It is a scary darkness that is almost impossible to fanthom. If life is like a game, some people think that you would respawn in a different place, some people think that you replay the good bits of life in your brain over again, some people think that you enter a different dimension.

The question begins as logical thinker, is there a way to cheat death? How can we extend our life way beyond the natural lifespan apart from uploading our conscience into the net or making use of cryopreservation. One possible way we could do this is by reducing our biological age to ensure that our system is always up and running together with some tissue regeneration.

  • High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) 15mins/day - Strength/Resistance
    • This will not only help to improve your fitness levels but help you to feel energetic through the day!
  • Sleep 7-8 Hours a day
    • Sleep Deprivation can cause your life span to shorten by miles. Read more about it here Use the sleep calculator to help plan your sleep better
  • Limit Toxins
  • Healthy Mind - Meditation & Yoga
  • Social Connection

Always remember that to live a long life is to lead a life with a healthy mind and body. You can begin to see results in 2 weeks just by removing toxins from your body and building a healthy mind through mediation exercises. HIIT exercises with a restful sleep will work hand in hand to making you feel more positive in life and feeling younger, easing up the things that you were incapable of doing efficiently as before.